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Friday, October 20, 2023

False Pope Creating a False Church because Good Catholics Will Not Stop Him


Whatever Jorge Mario Bergoglio is creating in Rome via his "Synod", now extended apparently a number of years (we'll never get rid of it! You KNOW it is "Vatican III") – whatever it is, it is not the Catholic Church.

How obvious is this? Just reading, even skimming, some of the stuff going on at that Synod strikes me as completely alien to EVERYTHING Catholic. So, clearly, the false pope is creating a false Church.

Can we be remotely surprised?

Yes, Bergoglio is creating a false Church via his "Synod on Synodality". And good men like Cardinals Burke, Müller, bishops such as Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and of course a host of Conservative Catholics (Fr. Gerald Murray and Robert Royal are exemplars) and Trad Catholics – too numerous to count, but Professor Peter Kwasniewski is an excellent example, are letting him do it.

They're letting Bergoglio get away with it because they insist he is a valid pope, and actually occupies the cathedra of St. Peter. As I've written a number of times, Bergoglio is painfully obviously not a pope, and has never acted like one, so therefore insisting he is a valid pope leads inevitably to cognitive dissonance. You'll go cross-eyed insisting this fool – and no, I'm not very nice to "Bergi" – is an actual pope. In fact, you'll lose your faith if you insist on maintaining the charade.

Video Tells All
Ever see see that video of Bergoglio nine years ago walking along a hallway, spying two young altar servers, one with his hands in the classic prayer position? Bergoglio says something, then stops, and physically pulls the boy's hands apart, saying "Are your hands bound together? Seems like they're stuck." That little scene, right there, affirmed my growing suspicions and I've never believed he was pope after that. (If I ever really believed it before.)

He wears a diabolical pectoral cross, too, as I've written here.  And the man has consistently proven he is not a pope, nor a Catholic, and not even a Christian. Yet all these good men noted above insist he is actually pope and must be "resisted". Don't they comprehend doing that is driving a stake through the heart of the papacy? If it survives Bergoglio's wrecking ball at all, it will be stunted, shackled, and marginalized. Thanks to them.

And so will the Church.

Now, Ann Barnardt and her friends insist Benedict XVI did not validly resign in the first place. I think they make excellent arguments. Archbishop Viganò makes the superb argument that Bergoglio accepted his election without intending to serve as pope's are supposed to; it would be like a marriage being declared invalid because one of the partners had no intention of keeping any of his vows in the first place. Both these arguments are splendid, indeed, but for me, I think it is simply, horrifically blatant that there's nothing papal about this lout. So, GET HIM OUT! And any argument that can effect that is a most excellent argument, indeed!

Otherwise, all these well-meaning folk will do as much damage to Holy Mother Church as Bergoglio himself, and ALL his perverted peeps, are doing.



  1. Barnhardt's thesis and Vigano's thesis both require knowledge of intention, as does Cionci's. But the breaking of conclave rules, resulting in invalid election, is an easy prove. Read UDG 76. JPII was prescient.

  2. I agree 100%. I believe the R&R crowd are helping to destroy the papacy and they can’t see that. Bergoglio is not the pope.