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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Res ipsa loquitur about Bergoglio, the Novus Ordo, and "The Grooming Church"


Res ipsa loquitur (Latin: "the thing speaks for itself") is an old legal adage in common law. And Bergoglio's actions, just as with those of the Biden Administration and the various European governments, all speak for themselves. Oh, in their talk, both Church and State babble all sorts of nonsense. But look at their actions. Both Church and State practice tyranny. They are all together thieves, liars, and braggarts, full of pride and avarice. And for them, indeed, "sin darkens the intellect", i.e., they are stupid. 
  • Proof of that? A VIP in the Church told Cardinal Müller that it would be better there were NO MASSES at all instead of the Traditional Latin Mass. Yep, that's proof, all right.

Ergo, this July 4th, we should declare independence from these frauds. More specifically and accurately, we are not Schismatics ourselves, but the Church bosses are in Schism with the Church as it has traditionally existed and according to its ancient teachings. We need to declare independence for the Church herself from these Schismatics.

For another example:

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