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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Trump's conviction > War with Russia > Red Dawn terrorist attacks > suspended elections...


We're very close to war with Russia, the USA and NATO. See this discussion with Col. Douglas Macgregor here

We are also very close to financial collapse in both America and Europe. And actual social collapse swamped with 15 million illegal aliens in the U.S. Not to mention a runaway government curtailing our freedoms and locking up opposition party leaders. Trump is the tip of that iceberg.

The population of the West seems divided between the knowledgeable and frantic versus "sheeple" stumbling along blindly. (For an excellent article on how Leftists think, or rather I should say, feelread this.) 

How did this come about?

The conviction of Donald Trump serves as a milestone in the Deep State's collapse of the United States. It is a sign post up ahead, if I may conjure Rod Serling's ghost, of the all too real Twilight Zone we have fully entered into. Sounds too tin-foil hat, too crazy conspiracy theory? Americans are fed up with their government, which seems both incompetent and self-perpetuating despite elections. It only ever gets worse. Or I should say half of Americans think so; the other are sheeple only concerned for their specific special interest group, a Balkanization of the people fostered by government itself as a classic "divide and conquer" tactic. All of this is not just a product of happenstance.

That Deep State is real, whether you want it to be or not. Being in World War II and baptized and schooled especially during the Korean War, in the "Cold War", the Deep state thrived in an essentially symbiotic relationship with world Communism, both its nemesis and raison d'êtreNow in many ways it mirrors the Communism it fought as it now violently intersects with Islam's perpetual Jihad. Islam has given it a new raison d'être. Islam justifies its existence, and the curtailment of our freedoms.

A combination of the Intelligence Services and the military industrial complex, the Deep State gave us the Vietnam war only a decade after Korea, killed John F. Kennedy who had sworn vengeance on the CIA after the Bay of Pigs, and it has whipped up the endless wars since, especially with Islam, which needs no encouragement to kill. It finally exploded Covid on us via funding insane lab experiments around the world. One can deny this all one wants, dismiss it as "conspiracy theory", at least until they shove you blindfolded against the wall. But it is real, and it is all of a piece. When Harry Truman created the CIA, he is supposed to have said he didn't want to create a Gestapo. Well, Harry, you Masonic tool, guess what? This is an old story in government; after all: think of the Praetorian Guards making one emperor after another or the palace intrigue in Constantinople. A tail wagging the dog. 

In this essay, I'll review two separate points that we must consider now, since "the handwriting is on the wall".

Conviction of Trump
So, the good news  what there is of it: look at Trump's conviction this way: Donald J. Trump has now joined the ranks of Nelson Mandela, Václav Havel, and Lech Walesa in being a felon. Mandela and Havel and Walesa were not criminals in the usual sense any more than Trump is: no, it was their governments that considered them dangerous and bestowed on them felon status in order to politically cripple them. 

Repressive authoritarian governments do that to non-criminals such as these men. Trump has joined their ranks, which include so many, even Martin Luther King, Jr., whom Democrats (mostly) arrested on 28 or 29 occasions, making him a "convicted felon" many times over. Eugene Debs was sent to prison in 1918 for "obstructing the draft and military recruitment" during World War I because he was opposed to "Mr. Wilson's War". Imagine how the Biden Regime would treat anyone opposing Biden's coming and utterly unnecessary coming war with Russia.
  • History is filled with such examples involving men of conscience being labeled traitors, going back to Sts Peter and Paul. 
  • It never ends because it's what tyrants do. It's human nature shaped by Original Sin.
  • Therefore, when anyone brings up to you that "Trump is a convicted felon!" trope, just recite these names. Good company.
American Politics and the Godless Republic
Friends, American politics stink. Have stunk. Will stink. A few infamous examples: Richard Nixon, after receiving in 1972 one of the largest presidential vote totals in American history, was removed from office supposedly for privately contracting inter-party espionage work that Lyndon Johnson, his predecessor, did illegally using the FBI and IRS. Johnson had made sure that Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican candidate and first true "conservative" and "populist" presidential candidate in modern history, was totally squashed. And in return, Lyndon Johnson, being the putrid, diabolical guano that he was; i.e. part and parcel of the Deep State game, gave Americans the Vietnam War. (The Deep State arranged the assassination of South Vietnam's president just weeks before they did the same for JFK.) Just so Johnson could make money from his "military-industrial complex" connections. Eisenhower had warned us against that "Complex", and that entity, with the Intelligence services, rules the show, is behind what is happening now, along with true Leftists (i.e. Communists.) Read it here. The American Founders deeply feared an established military. They were right to do so. 

See how this parallels Joe Biden's regime giving us the Ukraine war? Hillary Clinton would have given us that Ukrainian war had she been elected in 2016. George W. Bush and later Obama and their Uniparty neo-con warmongers set it all up through complex intrigue and "color revolutions" from 2004 on.

Going back in time, Ronald Reagan, after a big election win in November 1980, was nearly assassinated months after he took office in 1981, and during his second term, again, winning an election by one of the largest vote margins in history, Reagan was hamstrung during that last term by the "Iran-Contra Affair, something Democrats cooked up against him. Between Reagan and Trump we had various Uniparty apparatchiks, until Obama, who is a true Communist. Donald Trump, another popular-vote type of winner, had his first term hamstrung by an entirely fake "Russia Hoax" that the Deep State and Uniparty ginned up. Then in 2020 Democrats cheated to get brain-dead Joe Biden installed – the evidence for that is overwhelming, with a lot of it on video. But the "Deep State" barrels on through all opposition, regardless. The people be damned. The "sheeple" bleat uselessly. Never has the separation of the American people from its government been so obvious. And it seems the Deep State, the "Powers-that-Be" is now disinclined to keep up the pretense.

Now they convicted Trump for no underlying crime that the Soros-prosecutors or Democrat judge can explain. I have been following the details, as anyone can, and unless you only listen to MainStream Media and believe everything you hear from them, you know this entire "bookkeeping scandal" is a hoax, as well. Right now it looks like Donald Trump is receiving a massive number of donations, large and small, $53 million worth in the first 24 hours, and half a billion or so in 48 – and unless the Democrats can suspend the November election via war or "scamdemic" – he'll probably win, even despite all their cheating. (Mainstream media polling seems to indicate a 50-50 split between Biden and Trump, although Biden is such a cadaver and the economy so bad I find that impossible to believe, unless America is truly populated by sheeple zombies.)

What this says Spiritually
  1. All this above is in terms of mundane election and politics, mind you. In terms of religion and the country's spiritual ills, the United States of America has always been "on the jump", wrapped up in its Revolution's echoes in the sense it is not a religious country, with no "God and Country" foundation, and thus ultimately "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law", if I dare to quote British Satanist Aleister Crowley.
  2. This is because without an official religion framing national being and consciousness, providing a Divine Metric to judge ourselves through a grounding in the supernatural and immutable, the natural and mutable are quick to take over. Public opinion alone makes the people's policy, and ultimately the people. That's the kicker. As we see with the Deep State and its media, people are manipulated into thinking what they do.
  3. God is not mentioned in the 1787 Constitution, you know. When asked why God wasn't invoked in any way, Alexander Hamilton laughed and said, "I declare, we forgot!" The American Revolution replaced God and the idea of government receiving its authority from God with John Locke's notion that government receives its authority from the consent of the governed. But how do the millions of governed actually "consent"? Apparently it is by electing self-serving politicians who curry their favor only to betray them to monied interests, as we see today.
  4. American history demonstrates the country's moral instability. Founded on the highest ideals, unlike taught by the racist 1619 Project, Americans early on confronted intractable problems. Slavery, something Americans inherited from their colonial past and that many opposed, North and South, also expanded in an industrial manner to a huge scale. That happened concurrently with the slave-owning Southerners herding southern Indians onto reservations beyond the Mississippi, thus becoming America's first welfare recipients (it impoverished them), long before Lyndon Johnson boasted that his "Great Society" welfare programs did so to American blacks...
  5. ...And in part by the American Civil War – which the Southerners fought to preserve Black chattel slavery – in which about 360,000 Union and 258,000 Confederate soldiers were killed, although new research suggests 100,000 more died, many via disease. The rich slavers and the Southern Secessionist "Fire Eaters" had actually planned to spread American-style slavery around the Caribbean, in any event. "States Rights" was a joke, another, "Look! Squirrel!" distraction. That's the real reason the Southern aristocrats broke with the Union – to replicate American slavery on an international scale at the time when slavery was becoming anathema to the Western nations.
  6. The second half of the 19th century was the "Gilded Age" of the Robber Barons and from the very late 19th to early 20th began the rise – via the "Progressives" in both the Democrat and Republican parties – of the all-powerful bureaucratic state which soon enough blundered America into WWI. 
  7. Was the "consent of the governed" manifested in any of this? Is it today?
Dying Christianity
Now, a large majority of Americans have always been Christian, at least until World War II. But as detailed above, the religion itself has never held representation in the government; it has had no formal voice or power of restraint of any sort. The only influence government allowed it was atomized into millions of voters whose public opinion was easily manipulated. A prime example was the Confederate grandees who got the poor whites to fight their war for them while the Confederate Congress exempted sons of the Planter class. The Founders, you see, didn't want any religious authorities affecting either slavery or Indian removal.
  1. Truly, "do what thou wilt" was the watchword, and still is today.
  2. Only now the acceptable behavior boundaries have changed because a fully hedonistic, Sodom-like anti-civilization run by a totally godless bureaucracy rules all. 
  3. The various Christian denominations of American Christianity have been fading out fast since World War II and the Deep State rise. Most painful is Catholicism, run by unbelieving homosexual perverts whom the Federal government pays millions to to manage "immigrants". (The American bishops, like "Pope" Francis in Europe, never saw an illegal immigrant they didn't love.)
  4. Religious Jews have been a minority of that confession for over a century. 
  5. Muslims are pouring in, but Islam is more crudely political than even godless Communism.
  6. Only a strong and wide-spread, sincerely held return to the idea of "Christ is King" can save the USA. A spiritual reorientation and regrounding, founded from above in a religion preaching that God took on human form to uplift human nature, thus completely cancelling Original Sin, is necessary. 
  7. But neither Islam nor Judaism believe in Original Sin, and neither do the "Progressive" Leftists, who don't even believe in God. Because of this faulty spiritual anthropology, we're doomed.

We see from the story of Candace Owens how various powers-that-be do not like that focus on and understanding of Christ. To the extent influential non-religious and Leftist sects intentionally weakened Christian American culture, they opened the door to Islamic invasion. Just brilliant, that. The Muslims know what they want. See Islamic leader declaring Muslim U.S. domination. So much for American religion being a saving grace to the great godless Republic.

My Second Point
Red Dawn and Suspended Elections
Given the dismal review above, we can be certain this situation cannot continue. Something has to give: either serious financial collapse, which does indeed seem imminent, a war with Russia that the American Deep State wants but no Americans will fight, or what is called "Red Dawn" terrorist attacks from within the country.

My point in this essay is twofold: to stress that Trump's travails exist due to the American state nearing its nadir because of spiritual problems the government is constitutionally forced to ignore; and secondly, to suggest that the Soviet show trial farce in New York that has now convicted President Trump serves as the "Look! Squirrel!" trick to take your attention off of the increase involving odd happenings recently, such as the bomb at the bank in Youngstown, the occasional burning of food processing plants, the very recent 5-alarm fire at Farina Farms Inc. in Marion County, Illinois, on Wednesday night, that killed millions of chickens, and the sudden "scamdemic" "bird flu" that has one Governor Kim Reynolds signing a disaster proclamation on Tuesday for killing more than four million chickens because they were supposedly exposed to "a highly contagious bird flu." 
N.B. We've been through this avian flew rodeo before. The Spanish Influenza post-WWI was supposedly an avian flu virus but what you're never told unless you read specialty literature is that two different sets of Public Health Authority researcher teams (one in Boston, one in San Francisco, I believe) slaved for years to try to get patients exhibiting flu symptoms to infect volunteers – extensive research they (supposedly) wouldn't be allowed to do today, including transferring body fluids, mucus, saliva – and they never reproduced the "flu" in the volunteers!
On top of that, you are generally not told about the shocking amount of farmland Red China (and Bill Gates, etc.) owns in the U.S. or that story about the Special Forces major who caught two Chechen illegal aliens photographing his kids (with a telephoto lens); he confronted one and shot him

Considering that the Biden misAdministration, the Biden regime, has let 15 million or so illegal aliens into the country, it is not surprising that Wayne Allyn Root says two million of them are terrorists and Root reports his contacts in the CIA are telling him to expect a "Red Dawn" series of terrorist attacks across the U.S. Colonel Douglas Macgregor says he thinks at least a 100,000 Chinese military-aged men are now in the country.

Root explains how even a modest number of these terrorists – a few thousand – using simple weapons (handguns, automatic rifles, grenades) acting simultaneously can completely shut down the country. This is our reality. Did you know that 30,000 Chinese illegals – men of military age, mind you – have entered the U.S. since October

Root asks rhetorically why? One of his commentators immediately replied that the American government (CIA, FBI, etc.) are allowing this in order to declare a state-of-emergency and martial law, and of course suspend the November elections.

Friends, I can remember people talking about Jack Kennedy's assassination. One of my brothers was in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, in the Mekong. Shot full of holes, but survived. I saw Nixon come, Nixon win again, and Nixon go, to be replaced by tumble-down Gerald Ford (they've named an aircraft carrier after him but it doesn't work, either). I've seen the U.S. president get a gargantuan vote total only to be replaced by a president NO ONE elected at all. I've seen the Clintons, the Bushes, and that utter fraud, Obama. I've seen so much American history that I can tell you I believe Root and this "Red Dawn" terrorist attack scenario. Colonel Macgregor has been saying for months he doesn't expect there to be an election in November. I think he's right.

That is the context in which to see what they're doing to Trump. It fits the pattern of what they did to Nixon and Reagan.

In light of all this, the best commentary on this conviction is what Catturd said. He didn't bother addressing Democrats, but to Republicans he said:

Dear Republican Party@GOP

I don’t want to hear another damn word about Ukraine.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about Israel.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about GAZA.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about Taiwan.
I don’t want to hear another damn word about any other country except the USA, you America-last war pigs.

The fascist Democrat Party has completely destroyed our country from within, we have a wide open border, and they’re shitting on the Constitution while you spineless, coward losers get rich on insider trading, rage tweet, and talk about your “principles.”

They’re literally arresting their political opponents and their lawyers and having kangaroo communists show trials – and you pitiful, worthless losers are doing absolutely nothing.

If you don’t have balls to fight for freedom – RESIGN !!!

Found at:

Of course, the Deep State barrels on. War with Russia and "Kangaroo communist show trials" seem to be working for them. Why not a pointless war with Russia? Why not more political arrests? And there's always "Red Dawn". 

Be ready. For anything.


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