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Friday, April 12, 2024

Did Trump Betray Us re: Abortion? Women certainly betray themselves...


Did Trump Betray Us re: Abortion? As abortion is such a horrific evil, the short answer is Morally, yes. But then the longer answer is politically not quite – or not immediately – when you cold-heartedly consider that "politics is the art of the possible."

Unfortunately, Trump keeps digging his own political grave. He took just the bait and answered an abortion question that will kill him with Pro-Lifers: he said he would not sign a federal abortion ban if it reaches his desk. See Lifesitenews for details. This is an "unforced error" since any federal abortion ban is impossible politically in the foreseeable future. What a fool Trump is. No conservative American politician speaks "unscripted" about abortion. Ever. Such called-out questions are traps.

Abortion should be banned outright, of course, but politically in the United States, that can't be done – not without another Civil War at least – that's the Democrats for you: they build up an evil like slavery or abortion till the only way to fight it is to fight it, literally. But then, that's what they want you to say so their "Deep State" can arrest you for threatening violence.
Consider: the U.S.A. has two parties, although they're basically a UniParty, and more or less alike in a great many ways, and nowadays under the control of U.S. Intelligence Bureaucracies. Regarding abortion, though, one wing of this UniParty is willing to restrict abortion a lot more than the other wing – more or less; recently a lot less. The other wing, the Democrats, unabashedly now want abortion up to birth, and even after. Thus, as a pro-Lifer, I have to vote for the side that is more willing to restrict it; I cannot (and have never) voted for the other side.
  • HOWEVER, I am no fool, either. Abortion politically is like slavery. As John Daniel Davidson so eloquently points out here. The American nation cannot exist half abortion and half pro-Life. It will become all one or all the other, just as with slavery. We see that happening in "red state" Ohio and Kansas. Davidson's essay is a fascinating and insightful article well worth the time to read.
The 2024 Election
Well, in terms of "normal" American politics, former President Donald Trump looks to be winning the 2024 presidential campaign, except for the fact that the Democrats will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to keep him from swearing in January 20, 2025. Remember: the American election system is completely unstable. Election theft and fraud remain endemic to it. Since Jack Kennedy stole the election in 1960 from the feckless Richard Nixon, we've actually had a number of true coup d'états: Kennedy by the gun (two Kennedys, actually, if you remember RFK), Nixon by lawfare (remember "Watergate"?), Reagan – almost by the gun a few months after his inauguration, and by lawfare rendering him impotent in his second term (remember "Iran-Contra"?) – and so on and so forth, till Trump's first term, where The Powers That Be tried to render him impotent via lawfare (remember "Russian Collusion"?, and then they finally brazenly stole the 2020 election. (And have you never noticed how no one tried to assassinate Carter, Clinton, or Obama? Gee, how curious. The Republicans tried to impeach Clinton over a carnal escapade, but the Democrats impeached Trump what, three times – once for a phone call?) So, with a record like that, and with all the unbridled lawfare against Trump, we can expect disaster this November.

And now maybe Trump himself has shot himself in the foot over abortion. Now multiple times, as noted above. Pro-lifers across the nation groan in true heartache. In the process, though, did Trump really betray all the pro-Lifers who have supported him through all the devilish hell he's been subjected to? Or is he the Machiavellian politician – as was Stephen Douglas, Lincoln's opponent – just trying to win? See Lifesitenews for details of Trump's new abortion position (if you're not already sick of this). Trump has a stubborn streak. Note that he's never admitted the rush to Covid vaccines was a disaster. Despite the growing evidence, he won't budge on that. But now he won't budge on his pro-abortion positions that he is staking out.

First thing to consider and weigh in the scales is that the Democrats, i.e. the party who booed God at their convention years ago, the Left, the Communists and godless hoards galore who have completed their "long march" (the term is Mao's) through our institutions and academies, have won the propaganda war – largely but not entirely – on abortion. 
  1. Tens of millions of women seem to regard killing a child as absolutely untouchable. And I mean, they are adamant about baby killing as were the terrible Erinyes, the Furies of Ancient Greece.
  2. Any politician who wants to ban abortion will be defeated, and most politicians on the Right who even bring limiting it up get lambasted by the mainstream media (a.k.a., the Democrats' lap dogs). Therefore, Republicans are backing off of abortion, as John Zmirak astutely explains in this column. So it is that Trump probably thinks, "Why should I stick my neck out?"
  3. Yet abortion as a universal carte blanc right, as in France? We've come a very long way from Bill Clinton's infamous call in 1992 for making abortion "safe, legal, and rare", that's for sure. No Democrat today could repeat Clinton's line without being ripped to threads by the pagan furies that seem to possess Leftist women, and many not so leftist women.
  4. The Left has spent, and will spend, immeasurable oceans of money to promote "Women's Reproductive Rights", and pump money into red states like Ohio and Kansas to garner state constitutional changes mandating unlimited abortion (and also bring on "gay rights" and "sex change" and so on). It is as though the Supreme Court ruling opened Pandora's bag (yep, Panni had a bag, not a box.)  
  5. It's obvious that abortion has become the spear point the godless use to pierce the hearts of millions, especially women, regarding the sanctity of life, turning living hearts into stone. "Who among you would give your children a stone if they asked for bread?" Well, today, they stone 'em to death, just kill them, or mutilate their young bodies. 
  6. Just as with slavery by 1860, abortion has gone beyond any sort of civil discourse now. Beyond civil discourse, or even rational discourse. It's taken on quasi-religious tones; indeed, it is the worship of Moloch, Ba'al, and Satan in the technological age.
Trump the Fool
Against this seeming juggernaut from Hell, Trump plays by its rules. All Trump had to do in terms of callow political expedience was stop soon after he started on his abortion statement. Yes, were he not going to remain 100 percent pro-life, he should have begun as he started out: i.e., abortion is now, thanks to the Supreme Court, a states-right issue. He did start with this. Then he should have stopped and said: "I'm not running for governor of a state, but as president of the nation, and as a nation we have absolute Armageddon hanging over us economically, Armageddon in a fight against Communism within our own Federal government, and obviously Armageddon with our insane foreign wars! We need to focus on those national issues first and foremost."

All of that is desperately true. How hard would that have been?
  • That should have been that. But no. Trump brought up Democrat talking points, like the infamous "rape, incest, or health of the mother" smoke and mirror. It's a fraud. Had he had to open his mouth on that, he could have said regarding "rape, incest, health of the mother", that that's for the states to work out in their legislatures. But no, he had to endorse those "exceptions".
  • That's a grotesque cop out, as well. Donald John Trump should meet and have a long, long talk with Rebecca Kiessling, a woman, a lawyer, a pro-life fighter, who was conceived via a rape. Watch her profound eight-minute presentation here. Donald Trump, you should be ashamed. Political expedience or no.
  • In terms of IVF, Trump has actually endorsed it! IVF is the artificial fertilization system that creates dozens of fertilized eggs/zygotes in order to produce ONE child, Trump should have been honest and declare, "I don't know much about this and I'll have to research it for myself, in terms of science and religion. When I know what I'm talking about, I'll form an opinion." 
Simple. Again, simple re: political expedience. Morally lame in the extreme.

Abortion is absolute evil, and we are nowhere near getting it banned

Now, obviously, my Machiavellian-inspired suggestions above would be a "cop out". A political dodge. It's what Stephen Douglas tried 150 years ago. Machiavellian maneuvering to get elected. Morally, abortion remains an absolute evil. One stands either appalled by abortion, sickened, horrified, and want it to end, or one can say he's uncaring about it, or one is a worshiper of Moloch (like so many Leftists in the world and Democrats in America) to the loss of one's soul. Those are the three options. No others exist.

Many pro-Lifers say we have to elect Trump, or the country is lost. I tend to do that myself because it is true, but then, what kind of country would we be saving? An abortion horror? A narcissistic nirvana of stunted "juveniles for life"? Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0?
  • Abortion is the only crime where the absolutely innocent one gets the death sentence. Also, fully 97 percent of all abortions, it is said, occur BEFORE 15-weeks. Mainly are now done chemically; i.e. "the morning after pill". This little factoid is crucial to understand because it shows how pointless the Left's manipulation of Conservative politicians is: they don't do it to "keep abortion legal" at all, they fight this fight to manipulate women and win elections. The whole thing is one big fraud.
And finally, Trump highly touts the execrable IVF method with creates extra zygotes then kills them (after freezing them).

That, readers, is not merciful. It's the height of narcissism. Yes, it is. Think about it. I feel very sorry for couples (and yes, I mean a married man and woman!) who cannot have kids. Any healthy person would feel sorry. But what person possessing any sort of moral mind or with a moral soul at all wants to have ten or twelve kids just to "harvest' one of them? That's sick in the extreme. Purely diabolical. That's like killing babies to test drugs, etc. 'For the greater good, many must die." Bovine guano.

And Trump covered himself in it. Was he ever truly pro-life? He was a pro-abortion Democrat for most of his life. Did he have a real conversion? God knows, and God will pass the judgment. 

Clearly, everyone can see that Biden won't last even the summer, let alone to November, and that Kamala Harris is a complete idiot. (That's been proven again and again out of her own mouth. And her uncontrollable laughter is freakish. And unnerving.) The Democrats will replace them when expedient. But whoever they run for the presidency, he or she will be "more of the same" as Biden and Harris. Thus we find ourselves between Scylla and Charybdis. If Trump isn't elected, the country is finished. Yes, but again, what country would be saved, really?

Then there's the women who make abortion possible

Do not mistake me. Women are easily manipulated by men. Worthless, immoral men want cheap carnal "full-body contact with women" and for the past 100 years have worked on women's self image to get it. Abortion exists almost solely because guys want to carnally take advantage of gals, and pay no penalty. Read that sentence again. It's part of the over-all contraceptive culture that is hollowing out our civilization. That's why men scientists developed "the Pill" in the first place. Women test subjects DIED in testing it. But they sold it as a "freeing" of women, a "liberation" of women. But that was all a lie. It enslaves women to endless male predation.

Nowadays, abortion owes a lot of its unshakable, iron-clad position in America (and Europe, etc.) to the support of women. Unmarried women tend to be Leftist anyway, and then again, married "soccer moms" have tended to vote Democrat because that party cynically cries up the poor and downtrodden and supports abortion, as well. American Jews have traditionally voted Democrat for protection from what they saw as an aggressive Christian culture; women vote Democrat because they are taught to feel like a threatened minority, as well.
  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt owed his second to fourth elections largely to women who voted for "that handsome, feline man". 
  2. And of course he flooded the country with bureaucrats to "look after" everyone. 
  3. Women elected FDR the second time in 1936, when his policies had left the country in a worse state than when he came in. (Women, and the Republicans, who ran utter non-entities against him.)
  4. Women elected Jack Kennedy (voted for him enough that he only had to steal the vote in Illinois), and women voted for Bill Clinton and Obama, the "Metrosexual".
  5. And today, Democrats keep harping on the "Alpha-Male" Donald Trump and what a threat to women he is. (Anyone who knows Trump knows this is not true, except maybe per aborting them.)
Women and the State
Also, many women tend to vote for "the state", a paternal state that promises to look after them and their children; see this excellent Ann Barnhardt essay here. There's also this

Now, of course, the country has millions of sane women, conservative women, patriotic women. And a Catholic author, Kimgerly Begg, writes about them and why they tend to "give in" to peer pressure here: Survey: Most Young Women Hold Conservative Beliefs But Hide Them. I recommend this very thoughtful article; it is fascinating.

But this is our situation. Because worthless miserable Leftist godless men, ruthless ideologues and narcissistic hedonists, have been manipulating women ceaselessly for generations so that women tend to vote against their own self-interests. Again, it is much like Jews who reflexively vote for Democrats. Now, the flood of "tranny" men who insist on pushing women out of sports and gyms and toilets and even redefine the female sex entirely may finally drive home to women how wretched their conditioning has been. Maybe. Maybe not. The incredibly blatant antisemitism that's everywhere now might get Jews' attention, too. Maybe. Maybe not.

Truly, everything is such a mess that only a full return to God can save what's left of our civilization. But where is the Roman Catholic Church? Read that John Zmirak article linked to above for that. It ain't pretty. And our situation is dire.




  1. Amen to that... There is no going back to Normal... Trump is not our savior... It's either complete conversion like Nineveh or complete destruction like Sodom... The Deep Global State, the permanent bureaucratic government administrators are so crazy with power that even a Controlled Opposition figure of the Lesser Evil is unacceptable to them... Then there is the other side of the equation... Those living "outside the wire" will not accept a Satanic Sodomite Pedophile State ruling over them... Something is going to give here and right about now it could go in either direction... +++

  2. Excellent comment, Cybro. Thanks!

  3. Michael Matt gave a good treatment of this subject.

  4. One cannot vote Democrat about anything. They've gone full Communist, but embracing baby murder was their ultimate sin. (Yes, Republicans prove they do not really support the American constitution, either: see their double vote for FISA 702.) And yes, regarding abortion, more unborn babies will surive to birth during a second Trump administration than they would otherwise. But still what he's done is odious, he's a Stephen A. Douglas wannabe, and his support of the "rape, incest, health of mother" exceptions, and IVF, is beyond contempible.