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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Kennedy Hall's Litany of Truth, with My Comments


Mr Kennedy Hall, traditional Catholic apologist and podcaster, has up on his Substack the following "Litany of Truth" and challenges his readers to put it up. I gladly accept the challenge as I agree with a lot of what he writes anyway, though I don't think Bergoglio is an actual Pope, as Mr Hall does, and I refuse to call that, ahem, individual, anything but his actual name. (I.e. "The Old Devil" or "The Ogre" and other such.) But, whatever. I assume Mr Hall takes this position because it is the SSPX's position on Bergoglio. (And Mr Hall is 110 percent SSPX.)

So, here it is in boldcase. My comments – exhibiting my rather morbid, off-the-wall humor – are in parens; ().

Litany of Truth

I have a challenge for you. (Mr Kennedy writes.) Over the next few weeks, I challenge my readers to utter any of these truths in mixed company or online in an open forum.
  • Feminism is transgenderism (Ah, and here I've always wondered why some feminists were so darned ugly.)
  • Judaism is definitionally the religion of Antichrist (First off, any organized group that rejects Christ can be said to be "anti-Christ" to begin with. Islam certainly is. Secondly, this is a way to target Jews and in turn is a great way to get targeted by Jews. One can also ask: Which Judaism? There are so many Judaisms to choose from. Most of them "not-religious". I know, I know, but hey, that's Judaism today. And anyway, if you have four Jews, you have five opinions, goes the old saying. This is, truly, a quagmire.)
  • The Novus Ordo is an abomination and should be destroyed (I think it died 30 years ago and it has been rattling chains ever since. For myself, I often wonder what my life would have been been like were I to have had unfettered access to the TLM from 1965 to 1985, instead of all those decades of spiritual "junk food". We were all robbed, AND LIED TO, and now Bergoglio is apparently going to change it all again. I hope he does, because that will FINALLY blow it all up. Good riddance.)
  • Sodomy cries out to heaven (Isn't that called "squeaking from the feeling"? Sorry, couldn't resist. Sodomy is more than carnal depravity: it's the deepest anti-Life heresy.)
  • Mohammed is in Hell with Martin Luther and Maimonides (As a cousin of You-Know-Who, I suspect Maimonides now has a luxury car dealership in Upper Purgatory. Seriously, Muhammad [proper spelling] and Luther did true and lasting harm to the Body of Christ resulting in the loss of millions of souls; Maimonides was a physician and philosopher quoted by Aquinas, who called him "The Rabbi".)
  • There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church (And Mr Kennedy Hall, there's supposed to be salvation within THIS Bergoglioan Catholic Church?!?)
  • Surrogacy is human trafficking (No argument here! And U.S. Catholic Charities is up to its eyebrows in trafficking kids across the U.S. Southern Border. It's wicked, wicked, and evil altogether.)
  • Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son (And both just as stupid AND as ugly as his pa.)
  • Freedom of speech is a liberal heresy and is unacceptable to Catholics (And...? And? Then what? Are Catholics supposed to let BERGOGLIO tell them what to think? Or Paul VI? All censorship raises the question of who does the censoring: there's no way to confirm the good being censored as well as the bad. But also, who is going to take it from me? Bergoglio? Tucho? Leftists in general? They'd better not. I, for one, can become suddenly very pagan, indeed.)
  • Vatican II was a complete disaster and should be done away with (No argument here, either.)
  • There is no such thing as religious liberty because there is no such thing as liberty for heresy (Then there's no crown for having Faith, either. Think about it.)
  • Porn addiction is rampant amongst most men, even many trad Catholics, and men who watch porn should be slapped silly until they wise up (This is another truth of this Satan-begotten Age, but God has always kept a pretty large Remnant.)
  • The bishops who have covered up for perverts or promoted sodomy would be exiled to the desert — or worse — in a saner time (St John Chrysostom, died 407 A.D., wrote that the road to Hell was paved with bishops' skulls. This is a problem that is always with us.)
  • Israel is a genocidal state, and Hamas is following Islam to the letter (Regarding Islam: That's what you get when you worship the Moon and murder people. Otherwise, nope, sorry. Know that a little over 7 million Israeli citizens are Jews, with around 2,080,000 people who are Israeli citizens being Arabs, whether Muslim or Christian or whatever. If Israel was "genocidal", none of these would exist: hence, it is not genocidal. This I cannot emphasize enough. If one cannot be scrupulous in telling the truth in one thing, who will trust them saying anything else? [Yes, Gaza, Gaza, Gaza; but that's an entire article by itself.])
  • Zionism is Satanic (That just gives insane fuel to every radical Muslim who wants to kill all the Jews on Earth. And 100s of millions of Muslims want to do just that. Christians do not want to kill Jews and Jews do not want to kill Christians. Muslims want to liquidate both. The bottom line is simple: Should God not be with Zionism, as many hyper-Orthodox rabbis argue He is not, then it will fail. Gamaliel would state that. On the other hand, if they ever start rebuilding the Temple, we can expect Armageddon, from any number of different angles.)
  • Any bishop who works against Tradition is doing the work of Satan (Vatican II bishops have disregarded Tradition; Tradition is defined by St. Paul in First Corinthians, chapters 11 and 15. So, this is painfully obvious.)
  • Popesplainers suffer from cult-like psychology and metaphysically view the pope like Muslims view Allah — he can contradict himself and change his will at any time (Yep. Yet YOU accept Bergoglio as pope, too. That's simply crazy.)
  • People who want to force you to get vaccinated are perverts who want to stick you with something that you don’t want in your body (Definitely.)
  • Evolution is a Gnostic creation myth that has no support from sound natural science and any Catholic “apologist” who promotes it is doing the work of the Devil, whether he knows it or not (Evolution is a lot of things, and all of them are bad.)
  • Come on guys, I say these things on a routine basis on my podcast, it shouldn’t be so hard to say at least one of these things.
AnP again:
Well, I've listed them, with my comments. FWIW.

 Pax vobiscum.
  An Préachán


  1. As a scientist, I get more than a little tired of the naïve use of the term "evolution" such as is used by Kennedy Hall. There are different uses for the term evolution. The false belief that we somehow evolved (thanks to Darwin) from monkeys is false, but MACROevolution is not the evolution used by most scientists today. Most scientists in the field use the term evolution to mean MICROevolution-relating to how species composition genetically changes due to environments over time. That includes adaptation, selective pressures, etc. within species. Consider how /Staph. aureus/ (such as MRSA varietals) species can be forced, based upon extant genetics, to only allow for certain gene sets to proliferate, while others are not adaptive to said environment. THAT is science, and Mr. Hall has no expertise on it.

    Second, I like the SSPX, but I dislike how he believes his stance is the stance of all trads. Not all SSPX or trads, in general, believe the same about his list of statements. I know many SSPX priests who do not feel the same as he does about Israel. His anti-Semitic comments are just ridiculous. Why such an animosity towards only Jews? He seems to have been suckered into the Leftist media narrative. He needs to do a little history on Islam and how the "Palestinians" are a multinational group of mostly Muslims looking to annihilate the Jewish people of Israel. Is Judaism a false religion? Sure...but it's not nearly as false as every other non-Christian religion.

    Porn is rampant with women AND men. Women are not completely innocent here. Look at the immodesty.

    Thanks for calling him out with your comments. I am not sure what's going on with Mr. Hall, but I hope he does not go the way of Skojec.

  2. Thanks for your erudite comments, and all the insights. Esp that one about "going the way of Skojec". Very important to note!