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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Incredible, unbelievable, putrid and fully diabolical...

 (Hat tip to Ann Barnardt for reporting this.)


You have to read this horror to believe it: a priest advocates for "the Jab".

An excerpt from a notice a certain Fr. Newman sent around to his South Carolina parish:
Vaccinations against the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 will very soon be available to children between 5 and 11 years and have been available for many months for everyone in the United States who is aged 12 years and above. I encourage every member of St. Mary's spiritual family to be vaccinated as soon as possible and to get a booster if you have been already vaccinated, and if you have any doubt about the wisdom of getting vaccinated, consult your physician or your child's pediatrician before making a decision. But consult only properly trained medical doctors who are licensed to practice in South Carolina, and please do not rely on anecdotes from family or friends, internet legends and rumors, or the loud denunciations of those who are opposed to this or all vaccines. That is simply a dead end.

An P again: This is so wrong on so many levels that the author, "Fr. Newman", is a goin' to Hell – and I mean do not pass Go, do not collect $200. (Unless, of course, he repents, but he's so into the scam, the propaganda, how can he repent? It would have to be on a Krakatoa scale).

So, let's review:
  • Right. Go consult the those in lab coats who are receiving money kickbacks from Big Pharma for getting suckers to take an unproven, emergency use "vaccine".
  • A doctor has to follow the established protocols. He has no choice. There's a formal "Standard of Care" set of guidelines the Big Pharma people (and insurance companies) put together and a doctor simply has to follow the rules therein or he's going to lose his license. Period.
  • A malpractice lawyer can sue a doctor all he wants, but if the doctor followed the Standard of Care, the law won't touch him, NO MATTER HOW MANY POOR SOULS WERE SENT TO JUDGMENT BY THE DOCTOR. My eyes were opened on that by Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She blew the whistle on all this, and now lives in exile in Panama, with the U.S. Federalis saying she's a terrorist! (Look her up; this is true!)
  • Dr. Jennifer Daniels wrote a book entitled "The Fatal Dose, Murder by Medicine", wherein she explains that "fatal dose" actually means – get this – how many people a given drug seems headed toward killing compared to how many estimated people would have died without the drug ever being administered in the first place. Let that sink in. I.e., When any Big Pharma drug starts killing more than 50% of those who previous stats indicate would have died anyway, THAT's when Big Pharma pulls the drug.
  • And of course we're now way past that stage with the Covid vaccines. That is, if the truth were actually told. What is it now with VAERS? 17,000 dead in the U.S.? That's at least 170,000 and probably a lot more. In comparison, again and again, we find out that deaths "from Covid" were vastly over-estimated. We all should know (I've sent around official graphs) that the annual flu somehow disappeared during 2020. Covid seems to be more deadly to the flu than anything else. We also all should know by now the PCR tests are fraudulent – it finds what it is programmed to find. So forth and so on.
  • Thus, we have this numskull priest who urges parents to pay attention ONLY to this compromised "priesthood" of modern medicine? Yeah, right! Sign me up for their version of Russian roulette – it's played with an automatic.
  • Kids. Since the beginning of this "scamdemic", it's been known kids don't get "Covid" (whatever it is: viral disease or what). So now, with the Big Pharma companies poised to make HUGE profits on the backs of poisoning kids with "the Jab", a priest not worthy of two cents of common sense tells us to trust Big Pharma?
  • This is The Kicker, the "To Hell ye go me lad!" bit: Fr. Newman writes"...And please do not rely on anecdotes from family or friends, internet legends and rumors, or the loud denunciations of those who are opposed to this or all vaccines." So if our spouses, brothers and sisters, cousins, family, old friends, neighbors, so forth and so on, tell us something of major importance – about their health ours – we're supposed to blow 'em off? Not trust them? I personally know a half dozen folks who became ill after their jabs, usually with the standard VAERS-reported illnesses. Am I to discount my own eyes?
  • Instead of trusting people we ACTUALLY KNOW and who have NO financial or professional interest in our decisions – unlike the doctors, who will lose their license to practice medicine unless they toe "the Party Line" and who get money from Big Pharma for every vaccine issued, or they'll be visited by Federal authorities if they don't produce enough vaccinated schmucks – we're supposed to trust the "properly trained medical doctors who are licensed to practice in South Carolina"?
  • "Properly trained medical doctors who are licensed to practice in South Carolina" are people who have been trained to think solely in the Germ Theory of Medicine, to obey "the Standard of Care" strictures, and given every incentive financial, personal, and professional to do what they're told regardless of the actual situation of the patient.
And this individual running a church in South Carolina also writes: 

"The Catholic Church does not recognize a theological objection for vaccination against disease, so it is not possible for a Catholic to claim a "religious exemption' to vaccinations that are clinically indicated and approved my medical professionals and public health authorities..."

Excuse me, Fr. Newman, don't you know these "vaccines" are still "Emergency Use Only"? Didn't the propaganda you inhaled (through your mask, no doubt) mention that? Or are you just truly stupid? Do you know anything? Just what are you, Fr. Newman? Besides a fool? And "clinically indicated"...? C'mon!

Fr. Newman goes on:
"For a grave reason and after informing his conscience with facts (as opposed to ideological cant) an individual Catholic may decide not to be vaccinated against the prudent advice of learned persons, public authorities, and the Church's pastors. But that person must then be prepared to pay the price."

Friends, this is a howler! This moron is vomiting "ideological cant" on his parishioners like a septic tank truck spewing manure from a large hose, and he imbecilic-like "cants" up "prudent advice" and "learned persons" and "public authorities" and "the Church's pastors"?

Oh, you mean prudent advice from Anthony Fauci? Or do you mean Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP? Which one? We all know, don't we? As for "Church authorities", do you mean such as the non-believer Communist currently ensconced in St. Peter's Chair? Or do you mean bishops who approve religious exemptions? South Dakota's bishops, for instance? Or Colorado's bishops? And there are others, unless Bergoglio leaned on them.

My friends,

This is, like I said initially in the title: incredible, unbelievable, putrid and fully diabolical.
  • Incredibly stupid, asinine, immoral and out-and-out lying; pure propaganda
  • Unbelievable a priest, a Catholic priest, could be so uninformed, so ignorant as to endanger the lives of his flock as VAERS deaths and horrible mutilations continue to mount
  • Putrid spiritually, on every level. Invoking people who make money out of this as impartial experts? Doesn't he also know of the hand-in-glove/musical chairs relationships high-level FDA/CDC bureaucrats have with Big Pharma? The government bigshots can expect very comfortable "retirement" in high-paying jobs in Big Pharma.
  • Fully diabolical: long ago this "pandemic" became clearly about a lot more than a "novel virus" (that they just happened to patent a decade or more ago, gee whiz); it is clearly about power, seizing it and making slaves out of billions. So, to continue the lie – full-throated, Klaus Schwab/George Soros like – to his own parishioners is unconscionable.
I don't judge any specific person as either going to Hell or Heaven. I do not need to commit the sin of presumption. But wow, this Fr. Newman is something else. God convert him before his death, because you don't get to "mea culpa" before the Judgment Seat.

An Préachán


  1. Excellent article.Enjoyed it immensely.

  2. I have reluctantly accepted that reverent Novus Ordo types (Newman is a convert high church Episcopagan) are double agents.