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Thursday, January 7, 2021

The Reichstag Fire Redux in 2021


What a day it was yesterday. A disaster for the American Right, right? A smashing (literally) success for the American Left? Trump himself seems to have "ruined his brand" yesterday and now to have made a non-concession concession early this morning Washington time. So is it all over now? 

Oh, no. It's just beginning.

One aspect to this that no one considers
The 2020 election was certainly stolen. I've seen far too much evidence to think anything else (see below). So in the normal course of events, we would see a lot of books, films, research papers, etc., come out about it all, with incredibly mounting evidence. How can Biden/Harris be president when EVERYONE knows they stole the office? How can the powers-that-be in the Congress allow this? How can the Courts have it shown they did nothing to prevent national disaster?

Therefore, to stop the ever-mounting evidence, the puppet masters simply MUST kill the first amendment and free speech. That's already happening on the big social public platforms for the past month. Now the Left has the Executive Power to actually put an end to the Bill of Rights. How can the powers-that-be in Congress allow this? How can the Courts have it shown they did nothing to prevent national disaster?

"The crisis is arrived when we must assert our rights, or submit to every imposition, that can be heaped upon us, till custom and use shall make us as tame and abject slaves."
                                         —George Washington (1774)

Too early to tell much of anything at the moment for certain, and that might be true for some time to come, actually, but I wanted to get this idea to you I had of comparing what happened yesterday to the Reichstag fire back in 1933 (a crazy idea of mine, but I wanted to get it to you-all before much more news breaks).

A tragedy at least it was entirely, although I know it wasn't exactly the evil right-wing fiasco the MainStream Media and the Democrats/Unitparty Repubs are reporting. Evidence seems to be Capitol Hill police were taking selfies with the pro-Trump people and taking down barriers (I've seen video of this) before it got ugly. Evidence shows Antifa getting involved at that point.

So, again, with the caveat that it is far too close in time to the events yesterday for us to know what happened for sure, or even half-sure (for example, about the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbit, who is quickly becoming a martyr), we can draw one startlingly obvious conclusion; i.e.: The Left could turn what happened in Washington D.C. yesterday into a reenactment, Saul Alinsky-style, of the February 27, 1933 Reichstag Fire.

I may be completely wrong, of course, but right now it's just too perfect, so I had to write about it.

Yes, again, it's still too early for anything definitve, and we'll be inundated with articles/interviews like this one from LifeSite News, which is an interview with someone who "stormed the Bastille" about his thoughts and feelings. In any event, with what we know now, I suggest the Reichstag gambit. And if Antifa was indeed involved, then the analogy would be a perfect fit: "Never let a manufactured crisis go to waste!"

From the Wikipedia report on the Reichstagsbrand event (highlights mine):
By the time police and firefighters arrived, the lower house 'Chamber of Deputies' was engulfed in flames. The police conducted a thorough search inside the building and accused Van der Lubbe. He was arrested, as were four communist leaders soon after. Hitler urged President Paul von Hindenburg to issue an emergency decree to suspend civil liberties and pursue a "ruthless confrontation" with the Communist Party of Germany. After the decree was issued, the government instituted mass arrests of communists, including all of the Communist Party's parliamentary delegates. With their bitter rival communists gone and their seats empty, the Nazi Party went from having a plurality to a majority (in the Reichstag), thus enabling Hitler to consolidate his power.
For a long time, it was thought the fire was not a Nazi act, but something they took advantage of, though today I think it generally accepted that the Nazi's had a crack team of the S.A. set the fire. Either way, they took advantage of the incident.

History N.B. In the national German election in November of 1932, the Nazi Party achieved a plurality – not a majority – so they didn't have outright control of the Reichstag, as the Democrats do now of Congress. Would the ambitious Hitler submit himself to be chancellor of a coalition government? You'd better believe he would; he jumped at the chance. Against his instincts, Hindenberg's advisors got the old man to offer Hitler to be chancellor and 'form a government'. Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor and head of the coalition government on January 30, 1933. Staging the Reichstag fire a month later allowed him to get the not-altogether-mentally-there 85-year-old Hindenberg (sound like someone we know?) to issue the emergency degree by what we would call today a presidential "executive order". Hindenburg died a year-and-a-half later, on August 2, 1934, and Hitler had the German presidency abolished forthwith.

Connection to today
Well, well, my friends, ain't that interesting? Whatever the specific details unique to both events, however, it is a perfect game plan to take advantage of what happened yesterday at the Capitol. Pelosi (and maybe Schumer now, too) are:
  • Issuing calls for Congressmen and Senators who supported Trump and contested the elector-slate candidates to be ejected from Congress (as Hitler ejected already sitting Communist deputies).
  • They're also issuing calls for President Trump to be instantly removed from office!
  • The Tech Titans have suspended the President's Twitter and other accounts (supposedly for a short time, but long enough that he couldn't broadcast an appeal for order and retreat from the Capitol, so that he can be cast is as bad a light as possible).
We'll have to see how far any of this goes.

How did we get to this mess?

The Left. Ignorant, Godless thugs that they are, they remain both merciless and ceaseless. They plan long, as in generations long, and stay with it, like true Revolutionaries. This is their false religion, their false god, and the rank-and-file believers, at least, are wholly given over to it. Everyone else has a daily life and daily bread to earn and daily prayers to say: but the Left lives, eats, breathes for what they're trying achieve like true zealots.

However, they're also like Bourbon aristocrats in many ways:
  • They talk a big show about equality, but as we know from endless examples throughout the Covid Lockdowns, what they mean is "for thee, not me" – they can party hardy, travel to the beach, and get their hair done when no one else can dare do that. They're Bourbons.
  • They lie, cheat, and steal (for details of stealing the Georgia Senate race, see further below) and they ALWAYS accuse YOU of doing what THEY do with impunity. (For the last four years they accused Trump of doing what THEY do!)
  • They use tactics from the past, over and over again. For example, today's standard Democrat could be said to be a Menshevik and they are about to be eaten alive by the hard-core Bolsheviks.
  • They use sex to compromise the opposition and to mortally weaken the over-all society, while they themselves engage in endless depravities (thanks to the Frankfurt School theories).
  • The Reichstag fire is a perfect example of the above, as well as a perfect example of using Saul Alinsky approved tactics.
Unfortunately for all of us who love freedom, and who admire and/or love the United States of America, Trump played right into their hands. And please note, I'm seeing a LOT of dislike of Trump and Don Jr. in the blogs today, so the Left achieved that, at least. If the Left wanted to discredit Trump in the eyes of his base, perhaps they succeded; it is too early to tell how extensive or permanent this is.
  • They knew (as did we all) about Trump's huge march he had called on Washington, and laid their plans carefully.
  • Antifa and BLM operatives may have indeed infiltrated mass of people and were involved in some degree, one can only hope we find out the details before a Democrat 'emergency degree' is issued and all press and internet is shut down, in inciting the violence at and in the Capitol itself.
  • At least, of course, that is exactly what they often to and it is what Alinsky encouraged them to do.
  • I've read early reports – but again, all too early for any certainty – that visual recognition technology has already identified some Antifa indiviuals in the crowd. I wouldn't be surprised. As noted above, it is what they do.
Clearly, all this is to scare the daylights out of milquetoast Republicans (and timid Menshevik Democrats), so it looks like they'll sweep into power on January 20th and our full nightmare will begin. And anyway, so many of the bigshot Republicans are just Uniparty types. We have heard all sorts of things about Mike Pence, but he certainly "punted" yesterday, and wittingly or unwittingly played into the hands of the Godless (which in theory he shouldn't do, being an evangelical Christian). Had he acted as Trump requested, the Supreme Court would have had to hear it. As it is, barring a true miracle, an empty husk in a suit will be sworn in as president.

Now what? Learn to suffer.
So, what now? We'll see. But if the Reichstag fire scenario is followed, or even if we get only the slow, painful insulting slide into Leftist confusion, poverty and misery, we can our expect puppet masters have brain-dead Biden issue Executive Orders to seize guns, arrest a lot of people on the right, control the press and the internet, and issue a national lockdown and mask-wearing regime.

Sound silly? They'll say what they have had the news media say for years, what they've had the FBI say for years, that it is White Supremacists who are the real trouble, and that "Red State America" is the real evil and inherently racist, and they're forced (aligator tears) to suspend the Bill of Rights to handle all us bad guys. (Don't worry; in the re-education camps, you'll be enlightened by Critical Race Theory propagandists galore.)

While you still can, therefore, watch Mark Steyn (alas, on Tucker Carlson) talk for a couple of minutes last night. Mark starts just after 3.33 minutes in. He calls out the galling hyper-hypocrisy of the Left about "law and order" and riots and all the rest. Very good. Watch before it disappears.

The Georgia Senate Vote
Just as old Lin Wood and Sidney Powell said it would be, the run-off election in Georgia was a screaming freak show of in-your-face fraud and theft. Kevin McCullough discusses it here with Eric Metaxas.

Listen to the whole thing while you can. Here's an excerpt I transcribed for you (but whole interview is very informing).
Kevin McCullough Talks About "The Big Takeaway" From Last Night's Runoff Election In Georgia:
"This is the big takeaway, and this is what I've been talking about for the last 60 days. If you have reasonable considerations about doubts of cheating and systems that are bad and possible conspiracies involving other countries and voting substractions and data that just goes missing, it's probably best not to use the same system that created all those doubts from the last election in the next election. What we saw in Georgia is – at least as we are having this discussion right now, as I am able to report the best that I can right now – we are seeing the exact same methodologies that were used on Nov 3 to no one's surprise to be used  used on January 5th in the run-pff in the state of Georgia. And that includes, most specifically – this what I have zeroed in on in the last few days – is the data itself that they will even probably try to certify, show subtractions from Mr Perdue's column, consistently, periodically throughout the night, and then no substractions ever occurring for Mr. Ossoff. I have not studied the Warnock  race as closely because the evidence is starting to pile up in the Perdue case pretty quickly. But I've multiple evidences of video substraction in real time that's happening on multiple Networks: the same amounts, the same decrements are being taken away. You should only have an incremental increase. (ends 2:14 
McCullough then explains how all this is a centralized source showing the changes. It is simply amazing. You really ought to listen it. He stresses how these voting anomalies, these subtractions, ONLY COME FROM ONE SIDE OF THE LEDGER! (Guess which side.)

McCullough ends on this note, a great summation:
17:42 By every statistical anomaly, by every piece of history that we know, everything that I based my maps on, everything that you could see on the ground, all the grassroots work, there was NO WAY by any historical standard, that Donald Trump set to lose on November 3rd. And I don't believe that Georgians voted honestly to elect two of the most radical senators that will be in the Senate last night. Georgia is still far too conservative a state for me to believe that. So how do we explain all that if evil is allowed to prosper at this moment in time? I don't know, but if I were the Church, I'd start to do some serious soul-searching and say 'God, what is it that you are asking of us, because obviously, you don't want to make it easy for us for the foreseeable future.'
Well, Kevin, I, at least, can answer that in one word: Suffering.

Catholics are used to suffering. Or I should say Trad, orthodox Catholics have never forgotten that we live in a Vale of Tears. It's about to get a lot more tearful.

Prepare to be martyrs. Not classic "red" martyrs killed in brutal fashion, or just having our heads lopped off by some honest Muslim. Not some quick, easy way to Paradise; oh, no.

No, we'll be forced to endure endless psychological warfare in a less bloody, but no less effective, strategy as the pagan Japanese used to crush Catholics in 16th century Japan. If you want to know how bad it will get, watch "Silence", the movie by Martin Scorsese. 

Get ready for that, at least.

An Préachán 


  1. There was an even more recent Bundestag invasion following a Berlin anti-COVID demonstration which previewed what happened at the Capitol when German police let "protesters" in and then accused them of terrorism